The new Logic Pro 10.3

Logic Pro 10.3.1

Logic Pro is one of the most popular Digital Audio Workstations out there. The recent free update from Apple (10.3) has many interesting features. I'll talk about those that I found to be the most interesting ones.


As usual with most Apple products, the update process is quite simple. The update is done through the App Store. The download size is around 500 MB, so it shouldn't take too long for most connections. The process is automatic and only requires your Apple account password. You don't need to reboot the system when the installation finishes, so you can start using Logic right away.

User interface (UI)

The first thing to notice is the change in the UI. This update has a "flatter" design, which is a common trend these days. It made me recall a little bit of Ableton Live.

Fig. 1. New look for the user interface.

Among the new features of the UI, we find that we are able to change the background shade. You can choose either a darker or a lighter appearance. This could be useful when lighting conditions change. For example, when using a MacBook outdoors.

Fig. 2. Background appearance option.

Another practical option is the horizontal auto-zoom. This allows you to see the entire session horizontally and auto-adjust the zoom level as the song becomes longer. Logic already had this feature for the vertical zoom, so this is a very nice addition in my opinion.

Fig. 3. Auto-zoom options activated.

Another very useful feature comes when we edit a region's size. When we place our pointer on the region's edge and trim the region, we can see a visual guide showing the whole file. This is a very practical feature for the editing process.

Audio functions

In this sense, we find nice functions that we were asking a long time ago. The first one is the possibility to use an internal 64-bit summing bus. This option is superior to the former 32-bit bus as it gives us more headroom while mixing and preserves more dynamic range. This feature puts Logic in the same league than systems like Pro Tools HDX.

Fig. 4. Internal 64-bit summing bus.

Another excellent option is that now we can use Stereo or Dual-mono audio plugins. If we are using a  surround track, we can use Multi-mono plugins as well. When we use a Dual-mono plugin, we can process the left channel with a different setting than the right channel. In other words, we have independent control for left and right parameters. This opens a lot of opportunities for creative processing while mixing or mastering.

Fig. 5. Dual-mono plugin.

Other new features

  • Support for the new MacBook Pro's Touch Bar.
  • 256 auxiliary buses.
  • Region's effects rendering. 
  • The MIDI plugins can control audio plugins parameters.
  • Simultaneous fade adjustments in different tracks.
  • Track alternatives menu.
Fig. 6. Track alternatives menu.

Now you have an idea of the new options in Logic Pro 10.3. The update is definitely worth it. Logic is a great DAW and this update makes me remember why it is my favorite one! :D


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