How to use a 3-band equalizer

Basic analog audio mixers (or DJ mixers) have limited equalization options. Many of them only have a treble and bass control, which are known as shelving equalizers. In other cases, there can be a third knob for the mid frequencies. 

Mixer with 3-band EQ (green knobs)

This kind of 3-band equalizer is good for its simplicity, but unfortunately, it's not very good for professional applications. When you are mixing several instruments or microphones, you have to adjust specific frequencies and this basic EQ is not the right tool for the job.

Anyway, sometimes that EQ is all you have and you'll need to do your best. In this video, I show you an alternative way to use a 3-band EQ. With this technique you can get different EQ curves using only the 3 available bands. 



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