How to get Pro Tools for free in 2024

 How to Get Pro Tools Legally and for Free in 2024

Pro Tools is the most popular Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software in professional recording studios. Originally created by the company Digidesign, it became so popular that after a few years, it was acquired by the video and multimedia company Avid. For many years, it has been considered the "audio standard" in many recording studios, and now you can have it on your computer for free!

Pro Tools

Advantages of Pro Tools

Pro Tools is famous for being easy to use, stable, and quite powerful in terms of audio functions. It is excellent software for recording and editing audio, as it allows both functions to be performed with ease and speed.

It is also perhaps the most widely used program for mixing music, film, and television. Most film, TV, and recording studios have a Pro Tools system. Its main advantage is that it is a standard in audio production.

Therefore, it is very important for audio professionals (or aspiring ones) to learn how to use Pro Tools and have a version on their personal computer.

Disadvantages of Pro Tools

However, Pro Tools is not without its drawbacks. One of the main disadvantages is that it is a somewhat expensive system. This has been the case since its early versions many years ago.

The reason for this is that Pro Tools was not just software; Digidesign designed it to be a comprehensive system that included both software and hardware. This involved using digital signal processing (DSP) cards that had to be installed in the computer, as well as special interfaces.

TDM card

Classic Pro Tools cards and interfaces

This situation was necessary in the 90s (when Pro Tools started) because computers of that time were not capable of efficiently processing digital audio. Therefore, Pro Tools was the first system to allow for a digital audio studio through a computer.

Returning to the present, both Pro Tools and computers have evolved, so it is no longer necessary to have any special hardware to run the program. This has made it much more accessible for everyone... even for FREE!

Versions of Pro Tools

So now we can have Pro Tools on our computers (Windows or Mac) without having to pay for the software license. All completely legal, although with limitations. Avid offers various options according to the user's needs. Here are the options available in 2024.

Pro Tools Intro

This is the best option for those starting with Pro Tools, as it is the completely free version. Its most important features include:

  • 8 audio tracks and 8 MIDI tracks
  • 4 audio inputs (depends on the interface used)
  • Many editing functions and tools, such as Elastic Audio
  • 36 processing plugins
  • Resolution of up to 96 kHz, 32-bit floating point
  • Does not support working with video

As we can see, Pro Tools Intro is a good option for those starting in audio work or needing to work on simple projects. In reality, the main limitation is that it does not allow importing video, so these types of projects are completely ruled out.

Pro Tools Artist

This is a more complete version and includes features such as:

  • 32 audio tracks, 64 MIDI tracks, and 32 instrument tracks
  • 16 audio inputs (if the interface allows)
  • 32 folder and routing tracks
  • Over 100 plugins
  • Special version of Melodyne for professional voice tuning
  • Audio-to-MIDI, Beat Detective, and Clip Gain functions

This version is ideal for musicians or producers who require more tracks and processing tools. The cost is $10 USD per month.

Pro Tools Studio

It is a more complete version, designed for audio and music professionals. Among its additional options are:

  • 512 audio tracks
  • 512 instrument tracks
  • 1024 MIDI tracks
  • 128 auxiliary tracks
  • 128 VCA tracks
  • Complete collection of plugins and processors
  • Option to work with video
  • 64 audio inputs
  • Surround system handling and Dolby Atmos

Its price is $30 USD per month.

Pro Tools Ultimate

This is the most complete version of Pro Tools, although many may not require all the options it offers. In addition to what the studio version has, this version includes:

  • Over 2000 audio tracks
  • Handling up to 256 audio inputs
  • Use of HDX hardware
  • Advanced recording and editing functions
  • Support for AAX DSP plugins
  • 64 video tracks

As we can see, this version is ideal for the most demanding professional situations. Like working with HDX hardware, which allows processing audio using additional cards (as with the early versions of Pro Tools), relieving the computer's CPU and allowing for running huge and complex sessions. It can also work with multiple video files simultaneously for audio post-production.

The price is $100 USD per month, and there is access to a special price for students and teachers.


The minimum computer requirements for Pro Tools Intro are:


  • Intel i5 CPU or higher
  • Windows 10
  • 8 GB of RAM
  • 15 GB of free disk space
  • Internet connection
  • It is recommended to have an audio interface that supports ASIO


  • Intel i5 CPU or higher, or Apple Silicon
  • MacOS 10.15.7 or higher
  • 8 GB of RAM
  • 15 GB of free disk space
  • Internet connection

To have Pro Tools Intro, you will need to go to the Avid website and create an account. There you can download the installer according to your operating system or the Avid Link software, which manages installations and updates.

You will also need to create an account on to authorize and use the software. This is also a free account that will allow you to use Pro Tools via iLok Cloud, which is a cloud service that monitors licenses to prevent illegal use.

In this sense, it is necessary for your computer to be connected to the internet while using Pro Tools, as the iLok Cloud system needs to be online when using the software.

So now you know the basics to have Pro Tools on your computer without spending a single cent. Although Pro Tools Intro has some limitations, for many users, it won't be a big problem, and you can start using this excellent DAW right away!


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